WordPress Installation

How to display your popup on a WordPress site.

Standard Installation

First, copy your popup's URL to the clipbard:

This is your actual popup URL, not a sample!

Second, if you haven't already done so, download and install the free Scripts and Styles plugin from the official WordPress Plugins Directory.

Third, use the Script and Styles plugin to inject the popup URL into your WordPress website:

  1. In your WordPress site's Admin, click Settings > Scripts and Styles.
  2. Paste your popup URL (from step #1 above) into the Footer Scripts section.
  3. Click Save Changes.
WordPress Settings Page for Scripts and Styles Plugin

Your popup is installed! Remember, you only need to install your popup URL once. Any changes you make to the popup will automatically be displayed on your website. Cool, huh?


  • If you want to display your popup when the visitor clicks a link or a button, then jump to Click-to-Launch Installation.
  • If you're ready to test the popup on your website, then jump to How to Test.

Click-to-Launch Installation

To launch your popup when the site visitor clicks on a link or a button, simply set the link or button's URL to:


(The slash in front is important.)

Now you're ready to test the popup on your website; jump to How to Test.