These are some of the most common issues encountered while building and testing popups.

If your problem isn't covered here, you can:

  • Click the Help button in the lower right corner of the Popup Creator.
  • Contact us via email.

Popup isn't appearing on my website

The popup will always appear when you test it in the Popup Creator (using the Test & Install tab), but it behaves differently on your website:

  • When someone visits your website for the first time, the popup will appear.
  • If they click the close button to dismiss the popup, then the popup will not appear again for 7 days. You can configure the number of days in the Popup Creator's Popup Behavior tab.
  • If they click the submit button, then the popup will not appear again on that device. If it did, then you would get angry emails from your visitors about your persistent popup.

To test the popup on your website, you have to make the website think you're a new visitor. Modern web browsers have a feature called "private browsing" that makes this easy.

  1. Open a new private browsing window.
    Chrome: Menu > New incognito window
    Safari: Safari > Private Browsing
    Firefox: Menu > New Private Window
  2. Navigate to your web site.
  3. When you've made changes and are ready to test again, repeat step #1.

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Modifications (such as a new image) aren't appearing

Sometimes your web browser might not display the most recent changes you've made—particularly to images. Type [Command]-R (Mac OS) or [Control]-R (Windows) to force your web browser to refresh.

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Third party integration isn't working

Here we refer to the third party integration service you have configured in the popup creator's Integrations tab as "the service".

  • Double opt-in: When you submit an email address through the popup, the service might send you a confirmation email. The email must be accepted, or the service will ignore the request. Most services allow you to deactivate double opt-in, and you can deactivate it for MailChimp using the Integration tab in the popup creator.
  • Duplicates: When you submit an email address through your popup that is already in being stored by the service, you will not receive another confirmation email.
  • Normal delays: It often takes 5-15 minutes before you can see a new subscriber in the service's dashboard.
  • Required fields: Your subscriber list might have required fields that you are not collecting in your popup. For example, if your popup only asks for first name and email address but your subscriber list requires last name, then the service will reject the subscriber. Search for "required fields" in the service's help section; contact us if you need help.

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Entering special characters in text blocks and buttons

To enter special characters in your text blocks:

  1. Go to our favorite online encoder.
  2. Enter any text with special characters.
  3. Click Encode Text.
  4. Copy and past the generated text into a text block or button in the popup creator.

(We know we need to provider better support for special characters—stay tuned.)

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